Ana Mestrovic, Martina Asenbrener Katic, Vedran Miletic, Patrizia Poscic

University of Rijeka, Department of Informatics, Croatia

Research of New Drugs and Social Aspects of a Pandemic Caused by Coronavirus Using ICT


Presenters will present two research projects of the Department of Infromatics, University of Rijeka related to pandemic caused by Coronavirus. Communication through social media has been gaining importance in responses to major crises, such as COVID-19. Understanding and recognising the information spreading patterns plays an important role in alleviating fear uncertainty. The team at the Department of Informatics, University of Rijeka proposes a novel multilayer framework that defines a set of approaches, methods and network-based models by capturing three aspects of information spreading analysis: (i) content, (ii) context and (iii) dynamic. The available structures of viral proteins and RNA molecules are used to screen and design a new set of drugs using the commercial databases and molecular docking protocols. Their second project proposes a development of a new database containing all commercially available small-molecule ligands and a docking server with a web-based user interface able to source the compounds from the database for the high-throughput virtual screening. Their approach offers major advantages that can bypass the problems that have traditionally plagued the pharmaceutical industry.