Kristina Brscic

Institute of Agriculture and Tourism Porec, Croatia

Social Aspects of COVID-19 Impacts on Coastal and Island Destinations - SA_COVID-19


COVID-19 pandemic has caused many changes in people's everyday life and especially business life all over the world. The impact of the pandemic on the tourism industry is still difficult to assess. However, UNWTO emphasises that the COVID-19 has hit the tourism sector the most, with an estimated loss of US $ 30 to 50 billion in spending by international visitors (WTO, 2020). The problem of over-tourism in a very short time became the problem of under-tourism. Measures that are needed to be implemented in normalising life in these areas should be appropriate but also is very important that these measures are recognised by those for whom they are intended. The main objective of the proposed scientific research project proposal is to identify the best model of measures that can be created/planned by the local and regional government in coastal and islands tourism destinations to help destinations after COVID-19, to rise trust in public institutions and recover the tourism industry.