Vesna Anticevic

University Department of Health Studies, University of Split, Croatia

The Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Mental Health: a National Online Research


The intention of the research group submitting this project (three psychologists and one psychiatrist) is to investigate peoplebs experiences when dealing with stressors associated with a COVID-19 pandemic and to anticipate some long-term psychological consequences that may arise from them. In the first part (during the epidemic) we will examine the contribution of sociodemographic factors and types of pandemic stressors to mental health in the general population by using Online survey method (N=1238). The second part of this project will include a qualitative study in which we will conduct in-depth interviews with healthcare professionals who fought on the frontlines of defence against the COVID-19 virus who were especially exposed to burn-out and elevated stress levels. Applying a qualitative design will enable a comprehensive understanding of this topic and provide complex data which can be used to generate future quantitative hypotheses and studies, as well as preliminary guidelines aimed at protecting these workers in future crisis situations.