Zorislav Shoyat

Centre for Information and Computer Science, Rudjer Boskovic Institute, Zagreb, Croatia

Information Communication Society, a Possible Ecology of the Future


As Henry A. Giroux recently stated, the situation caused by the present pandemic of the Novel Corona Virus (SARS CoV-2) is not only a medical crisis, but even much more a "Socio-Political and Ideological crisis", "crisis of Greed" "and Paedagogical crisis". Consequently it is now absolutely essential to develop our Collective Imagination to produce possible Visions of the Future in which a novel global system of ecological production, distribution and usage of long-life high-quality products will only by necessity support the basic economic local production, distribution and usage of human survival essentials. In this sense an Information Communication Society, heavily leaning on organisational "skills" of computer and networking applications, will have to be envisioned, developed, organised and implemented on the global scale. The Information Communication Technologies and Computer Science developments will have to heavily concentrate primarily on enabling such an Information Communication Society, a future global society of local societies based on Kairology (the science of the right moment) and Synergy (co-operation) and rooted in proper present and future developments of the knowledge of Cybernetics (the science of dynamical systems) and Ecology (the science of the whole).