Grid Vision Site Design Philosophy

Science and Art were and are always inextricably intertwined. There is no Art without Science, but there is no scientific endeavour without the art of science. It is necessary to develop both sides of the brain: the rational and the emotional. Otherwise, if we develop only one side, the other will suffer from underusage, and finally 'run dry'.

Based on these premises, the Grid Vision Site Design Philosophy does on purpose not follow the 'classical' web design principles. Our Vision is to promote the e-Science through the creative use of modern artistic expression, partly through something we could call e-Art, partly through the use of the most up to date artistic expression (as for example the Light Art).

Throughout the history of Computer Science, which is only partly based on Information Science, the promotion of this Science did not, as yet, receive the full attention of the general public, not in a sense of computer usage (as for example in the home and private use of Personal Computers, or the private use of the World Wide Web), but in the sense of a thrilling exploration into the depths of Computoristics and Informatics.

It is our Vision that through the creative, and specifically Avant Garde usage of the full possibilities of new media and new artistic expression the full range of interest of the general public can be attained.

In this sense, the Grid Vision site, being a kind of 'Interactive Grid (Tele-)Vision' is not primarily visually intended for the Computor Scientists and Computor Enthusiasts, who are well versed in many of the areas herein explained, but for people who still, although using the World Wide Web, have a certain negative attitude towards Computers.

Based on these premises, the Mission of the Grid Vision is to be:

The backgrounds of the Grid Vision pages are extremely colourfull. This is on purpose, as it is known that colour has a direct influence on the human perception (ref. e.g. Colour Therapy). The almost shocking first impression is actually opening the perception channels, and enables the person to perceive the given information in a new and fresh way.
This same applies to the Films presented on Grid Vision, where the more or less intensive 'un-commonness' of the directing and visual style enables a more open perception of the underlying message.

In this sense we hope that the Art and the Science on Grid Vision will pique your curiosity.

For more information, comments and suggestions, please contact: Zorislav Shoyat, or Ivo Kuzmanich.

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