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The Virtue 0.3 is available

Virtue is an algorithmical processing language specifically suited for multidimensional mathematical modelling/programming.
It supports 1-, 2-, 4- and 8- dimensional numbers, fuzzy logic, vector/array reductions etc.

Try out the Web-Virtue - A full access to programming in Virtue

On the EGEE-II / OGF User Forum, held in Manchester 9-11 May 2007
EGEE ref.:OGF)

Another Vision of the Grid

EGEE mana mana

Tesla Continuum Animated Film

NEW: Tesla Continuum Animated Film 24 minutes Cyclic Time version

Please visit also the Analogue-Digital Grid blog, in honour of Nikola Tesla,
to see yet another approach towards Grid dissemination.

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The GILDA Grid Video Tutorial

Ian Foster
The Ian Foster Blog about the Grid(s)

Films / Videos

(Please visit also the Grid Vision Archives)

CRO-GRID The Way Towards Knowledge Computer Animation
(4x3 - Croatian Text)
streaming download

Grid Vision Interviews with Computer Science experts

EGEE - Enabling Grids for E-sciencE Tommorow's infrastructure for scientific computing today
Film - long version - 3/2006
(16x9 anamorphic, 15 minutes)
streaming download
The Filmmakers

EGEE - Enabling Grids for E-sciencE Tommorow's infrastructure for scientific computing today
Film - short version - 3/2006
(16x9 anamorphic, 2 minutes)
streaming download

Grid Vision MIPRO 2005 Film - 8/6/2005 (16x9 anamorphic) streaming download
(ref.:MIPRO ref.:SEE-GRID ref.:EGEE)
The Filmmakers

Grid Vision Films in Croatian Language
Grid Vision filmovi na hrvatskome jeziku

Relatively Fresh News

The World Premiere of the Tesla Continuum Animated Film.
(ref.:TESLA 150)

The May 2006 issue of the EGEE Newsletter.

Croatia in EGEE (in Croatian Language)

SEE-GRID-2 Project Launched

For more news please consult the CRO-GRID pages.

Pictures from meetings

Fresh pictures from the EGEE-II NA2 (Dissemination) Face to Face meeting in Budapest, Hungary.

Pictures from the SEE-GRID-2 PSC in Podgorica, Montenegro.

Pictures from the EGEE Central European Federation meeting in Opatija

Pictures from the SEE-GRID Kick-off meeting in Istanbul

Pictures from the MIPRO 2005 conference

Grid Vision Archives

The Grid Vision Full Resolution Film Archives

The Grid Vision Full Resolution Picture Archives

The Grid Vision Documents Archive

The Grid Vision (old) News Archive

The Light Art, ref.: Vukovar by night.


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