Grid Vision Interviews

A page where you can learn a lot about GRIDs and GRID initiatives
from the very best scientists in the field.

Bob Jones Grid Vision Interview with Bob Jones - 1/6/2005 (4x3) streaming download
(ref.:EGEE, ref.:LHC, ref.:CERN, ref.:Rudjer Boshkovich Institute, ref.:SEE-GRID ref.:CRO-GRID)

Jorge-Andres Sanchez-Papaspiliou Grid Vision Interview with Jorge-Andres Sanchez-Papaspiliou - 1/6/2005 (4x3) streaming download
(ref.:SEE-GRID, ref.:RBI/CIC, ref.:SEEREN, ref.:CARNet)

Karolj Skala Grid Vision Interview with Karolj Skala - 1/6/2005 (Croatian text - 4x3) streaming download
(ref.:European Research Area, ref.:EGEE, ref.:Rudjer Boshkovich Institute, ref.:SEE-GRID, ref.:)

Margita Kon-Popovska Grid Vision Interview with Margita Kon-Popovska - 31/5/2005 (4x3) streaming download
(ref.:SEE-GRID, ref.:MARNet)

Aleksandar Belich Grid Vision Interview with Aleksandar Belich - 31/5/2005 (4x3) streaming download

(ref.:SEE-GRID, ref.:AEGIS)

Didier Assossou Grid Vision Interview with Didier Assossou - 2/6/2005 (4x3) streaming download
(ref.:SEE-GRID, ref.:University of Technology of Belfort-Montbeliard)

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