A page on Information Faceting

Information dissemination is a special art, but it can also be scientifically elaborated. Generally, special attention is given to the target population. In a few words, we could say that actually the "event", whatever the event be (or, if you prefer, the so-called "truth") is projected from its emergence point towards different information recepient societies through an appropriate 'facette'.

As a way to promote alternative thinking, and to point out a completely different educational project, specifically targeted towards information faceting in the modern world, we propose to you to check the:

DHMO.orgDihydrogen Monoxide Research Division

We are certain you will enjoy this way of Information Facetting exposure.

Tom Way"Upon skeptical scrutiny, the truth will always gleam like a jewel on a sandy beach, while lies, falsehoods and half-truths will burrow beneath the sand, hiding from the dangers of inquiry."
Prof. Dr. Tom Way, 'DHMO Press Kit' Username: press; Password: press

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