ICT-20 @ COVID-19

What have we learned and done so far:
Social, Medical and Educational Aspect of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Individual lectures and presentations:

Vedran Mornar: Greetings

Karolj Skala: Welcome Note

Zorislav Shoyat: Programme Introduction

Mate Car: Digital Solutions to Fight against COVID-19 Pandemic in Croatia

Gordan Lauc: COVID-19: We Crushed the First Wave. What Next?

Zorislav Shoyat: Information Communication Society - A Possible Ecology of the Future
(Associated article preprint)

Drazen Lucic: The Roles of ICT and Digital Technologies in Economy Recovery during and after Covid-19 Pandemic - Experience from Croatian Chamber of Economy

Coffee break: First Round Table

Valentino Sangiorgio: A Multicriteria Approach for Risk Assesment of Covid-19 in Urban District Lockdown

Kristina Brscic: Social Aspects of COVID-19 Impacts on Coastal and Island Destinations - SA_COVID-19

Dalida Rittossa: Life in the Time of COVID-19 - Social Implications on the Securi ty and Well-being of Vulnerable Groups in the European Context

Vesna Anticevic: The Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Mental Health: a National Online Research

Coffee break: Second Round Table

Ana Mestrovic, Martina Asenbrener Katic, Vedran Miletic, Patrizia Poscic: Research of New Drugs and Social Aspects of a Pandemic Caused by Coronavirus Using ICT

Roberto Antolovic: Nano-based Approach for Direct Lung Delivery of Azithromycin and Hydroxychloroquine to Combat Emerging Viral (SARS-CoV-2) Infection

Daniela Kalafatovic: SARS-COV-2 Supramolecular Mimetics for Discovery of Peptide s That Induce Viral Entrapment (mCroTrap)

Sarajko Baksa: Modern Computer 3D Visualization Methods in Virtual Medical Modelling

Irena Galic: Chest Image Analysis Methods for COVID19 Disease Severity Assessment

Coffee break: Third Round Table

Coffee break: Last Round Table

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